Guevarais Ben Quinn And Robert Falco Gallery

Just as the heat rises from a distance and moves the objects of order, the paintings of Ben Quinn and Robert Falco seem like the moiré of a screen— and show that the vision itself exceeds our ability to grasp it. The works of the dream break the spiritual realm between experience, sensation and observation; and capture the conditions of the present – an economy of attention built on images and multitasking.

Occupying several worlds at once, Falco’s entropic diptyks bloom and go-down at the same time, selectively turning out to be an evening flower.

Using a prismatic palette, Quinn considers the star as an essential unit of measurement-atomic and cosmological proportions, a means of calculating the inexpressible.

The colors are reflected and show both an entrance and an exit, inviting us to look inside, as opposed to outside.

There is a veneration for the banal that materializes in the source images of the artists: digital garbage from their personal photo archives. Using a trick, each artist masks this accumulated visual excess, turning it into something worthy of veneration-iconographic.

While Falco painting pulsates with the urgent demands imposed on the mind and body by our undulating, interconnected economy, Quinn’s work provides a place for the body to rest while the mind is subdued— sharing the desire to penetrate the meaning where the meaning has been emptied. – Ariella Robinson

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