MI Will Host Musicians Conference In Austin

There are many Music Festivals in Los Angeles and all over the Country, on which amateurs, network, relax and some of your favorite Bands and artists to play in a Place to see. Clearly, this is all the Game and Fun, but what if you yourself are an independent Musician, and Sharing research, work, but also want to play?

There are new Options every day in Social Media, YouTube channel, and much more, but there is only one such industry event, exclusively for Independent Artists, and the, the DIY Musician Conference. What is the DIY Musicians Conference?

The Conference will take place from the 16th. up to 18. August in Austin, Texas, and is held by CD Baby, organizes and offers a full Weekend of Showcases, networks and Panels, on many Topics, from Booking other Concerts Online on the Fan Page up to Building Your Brand and Identity, and more, much more!

The Musicians Institute, the Conference will be to be present and organize three Panels of music review, Songs and Strengthening Their Indie-Career include.

The Kritiksitzungen allow Artists, their Songs our experts Invited to show, to those of MID-Teachers of our Independent Artist Program and Programmstühle like Lacey Harris belong.

Once the Panels have had enough, there are plenty of Opportunities for Open-Mic and Showcase Sessions to sign up, You can do what You do best!

The DIY Musician Conference just has a new Move to Austin, and we know that this is another great benefit for aspiring Artists is. Austin is considered the Live Music Capital of the World, and is home to many Open Microphones and Venues where there are new and not-known abounds with Talent.

We hope in the Future on our Panels or on one of our MID-Campus to see, once You decide on Your Career at the next Level of lifting!

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