Several Valentine’s Day Party Ideas For Kids

Most people would agree that organizing events has been interesting recently. Social distancing protocols and mandates have made it difficult to bring people together to have a good time. But a couple of bumps on the road should not stop you from spreading love and organizing an incredible event.

One way to celebrate love is to organize Valentine’s Day party for children. The children will especially appreciate the celebrations that this special celebration brings with it. Discover these ways to plan an unforgettable event for children and parents.

Add a touch of Valentine’s Day to typical events

Most Valentine’s Day party ideas for children are realized during the school day, but this is not the only option. You can extend your holiday program outside of school.

Here are some ideas for a child—friendly event – we even have ways to make these events virtual.

Valentine’s Day Craft Workshop

A craft workshop is one of the best Valentine’s Day activities for kids. Similar to DIY valentines for school projects, children will learn to make beautiful gifts that parents will proudly present.

First, contact some local art teachers to help you lead the arts and crafts session. Depending on how many participants you expect, you may need to rent a classroom or a room at your local community center. You can use our online RSVP tool to evaluate the number of children who will be attending your event.

How to make it virtual:

Ask an art teacher to teach Valentine’s Day crafts through a video conferencing platform such as Zoom to facilitate a safe virtual interaction. It’s also a great way to encourage people outside your area to participate.

Before the event, you can send the registered a link to the live event. Our email marketing feature makes it easy to send reminders with important information such as a list of materials that participants will need for the workshop.

Cookies decorating course for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not complete without a sweet treat. Children (and parents) can decorate a set of cookies with glaze, glitter and other festive fillings.

First, join a local bakery to provide materials and instructions for the event. You can use our confirmation tool to determine how many deliveries you need.

How to make it virtual:

Ask your cookie crafting teacher to teach the class via Zoom. Before the course, send the participants an email with the recipe and the list of ingredients.

Valentine’s Day-Read Aloud

What child does not like to listen to a beautiful story? They are engaging and hold children’s attention for more than two seconds. Center your reading aloud around Valentine’s Day by choosing a book or a list of books based on a love story.

To bring your event to life, join a local bookstore or library — these are perfect spaces for this type of occasion. And contact local teachers or librarians who may be interested in leading the event.

If you have links, you can even ask the author of the book to come and take a reading. In this way, you can also organize a question-answer discussion during the event.

How to make it virtual:

A virtual lecture works the same way as a personal lecture. You can choose whether you want to save the playback in advance or make it live.

Make it engaging by allowing participants to follow their own book. Be sure to include a link to purchase the book as an add-on on the registration page for the event.

You can also organize a hybrid event with participants in person and online. In this way, you can encourage participants to ask questions and initiate a discussion at the end of the reading.

Focus on friendship and family

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate the love and spirit of family and friendship. Here are some ideas for family celebrations:

Tea for children for Valentine’s Day

Invite the whole family to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a snack. Inform your event first with our event marketing tool. After collecting answers, you will get an idea of the amount of food and drinks you need.

Connect with a local bakery or restaurant for a wide variety of kid-friendly treats. Since this is a snack for the whole family, be sure to include Valentine’s Day DIY for children. This could be the decoration of cupcakes on the table and the making of cards.

To ensure that the little ones are well entertained, you can also make Valentine’s Day party games for kids.

Valentine’s Day / Carnival

Families will be enchanted by a carnival-themed “Day of Love”. You can do this by putting Valentine’s Day twist on the classic carnival games.

For example, you can ask the guests to throw a ring in the shape of a heart instead of an ordinary one. Or for darts, let the participants play cupid, trying to hit a heart-shaped target with arrowheads.

For young children, you should consider kid-friendly games like a duck pond. Fill a small paddling pool with pink and red ducks with numbers on the bottom. Assign numbers with a corresponding prize and ask the children to take turns trying their chance of winning.

Incorporate These Valentine’s Day Party Ideas For Kids

We know event planning can be difficult (and a bit frustrating) these days, but Eventbrite is here to help. Now you have the tools and ideas to design Valentine’s Day events for kids and families. Our platform also makes it easier to search for sponsors and compare packages that fit your budget.

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