Tonal Techniques For Playing Your Saxophone

The guttural, like the Sound of the Saxophone. That’s what irritated me about the Instrument. The great Sounds of King Curtis and Jr. Walker influenced me, and the Technical offers, with which you have a Lot on your Legs, and a Listener moved me, inspired me. The Rumble of the Flatterzunge, the Double Chambers and Dreifachzungenartikulationen are Part of my Arsenal, with Clay, Time and Intonation, my Saxophonsound produces. You can replicate Scales and whole Notes with Samples, but You can not imitate personal and unique Saxophonklang, from Notes between Notes exist.

On my first day at the University of Miami School of Music, I heard all my Saxophone Classmates with an awesome Technique of playing, playing faster than I could imagine. After I had the surprise of having, as the good of all, it was clear to me that all are equal in resonance.

This led me to my Research, my personal all in Saxophonsound that led me to the realization that it was not the Number of Notes was, that inspired me. It was the Choice of Notes, Sound, and what I described as “the Notes between the Notes of undernutrition.”King Curtis and Jan Garbarek have been and are my Saxophonhelden. Over the years I have managed all the Information from my Classes and Private Lessons, to collect the Solos that pushed me to listen and transcribe them and use them for my Professional Work on Stage and in the Studio to use.

I have Solos for Artists such as Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-Guitarist Duane Eddy, Latin Pop like Chayanne and Franco de Vita, Country Star LeAnn Rimes, and R&B Artist Nick Waterhouse and finally, Guitarist Joe Bonamassa included.

The only thing that every Artist has is his unique Voice, and therefore, she was not born. We’ll have to work on it. So, my Advice: Go to the basics, find your Influences, go find what moves you, learn as if it were yours, and then transform into you.

Let’s look at some Saxophons “to some “Between Notes on the Techniques of containing the Saxophone Saxophone to do.


You can hear, as Clarence Clemmons the Rumble of the on Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory”, demonstrates.”Clarences Sound and the Presence of Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band, for years, trained, and his Solo on”Born to Run” is probably one of the best Rocksoli of all Time. We hear us first for his Work with Lady Gaga at their Song “The Edge of Glory” at:

I like Rocksaxophon Pop songs. The Solo begins in a Pause of the Intensity of the rhythm track. The Solo builds more on with nice Growl in Tone, especially for 3:37 3:42, next to other Places. The Horn brings us back to the Groove and in addition a Pause, before the End it returns for the Melody until their Completion to build.

The poems of the Language

Jr. Walker! Walker Classic “Shotgun”, but let’s stop on Rock and Pop-Head and talk about Foreigner’s Urgent.”

Flatterzunge and Altissimo! It’s Jr. Walker. He plays a melodic Solo, built on himself. You can sing Solo, while the Song and more than Half until the End of the carry. At the End of the Solo, you know People get up and crazy! Let’s not forget the great Mark Rivera, the Saxophonparts on the Melody plays on a very “urgent” Way, which is the perfect Melody serves.

Doppelzungengelenk / Dreifachzungengelenk

This is my Saxophonheld King Curtis with the inimitable Aretha Franklin during one of his greatest hits, “Respect.”

You know that, if You Aretha Franklin Music Director and her Saxophonist, on Stage and in the Studio, something Serious is happening. I like the way it is used, which Solo after Doppelzunge sounds. This is King Curtis from the Textbook, as the beginning of his Solo on the Classic “Memphis Soul”.”His immense Tenorsound made me this way of playing pushed, this “Texas Tenorsaxophonsound”.”If this Melody to be played live, You need to let Them know about it. The Solo begins a Tritone of the Key of the City Melody.

Let us put it all together

I’m a Solo by Joe Bonamassa on the Album Live at the Greek Theatre rocks. The Truth? Yes, I knew what I could play. I don’t leave a single Solorhythmus to Chance from a full House, in Greek… I have always been a Musician of the “one Foot in Science, and with one Foot on the Road” Type.

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