Top Virtual Office Christmas Party Ideas

For many of us, the Christmas party in the office is an annual highlight. This is an opportunity to relax, celebrate with your colleagues and toast to the successes of the year, while trying to avoid inappropriate actions in front of your boss. But with workplaces and places always affected by social distancing requirements and capacity constraints, more and more employers are exploring virtual office party ideas and choosing to organize their annual staff holiday party online.

How exactly do virtual Christmas parties work? Don’t worry if you have never organized a party online before, because we have compiled our best ideas and tips for corporate Christmas parties to make sure that your New Year’s celebrations surpass last year’s. After all, everyone deserves a little fun after another difficult year.

Tips for a virtual Christmas party

1. Although it is not a meeting, every virtual Christmas party needs an agenda

We all try to balance family, pets, meals and everything that happens at home, while being available for online events. If you set a calendar or route and share it in advance, you can arrange your time in such a way that you can connect with the elements of the event that particularly excite you. An agenda or schedule can also keep the event moving and help make the experience more natural, with less disruptive breaks. Create an event page to share the schedule of your Christmas party with your colleagues in advance so that they know what to expect and what to expect. We are here to show you how to make a program for a Christmas party if you are in search of ideas for the New Year’s party in the office.

2. If you have the budget, send a tangible gift to the guests in advance

Sending something tangible in advance – like Christmas decorations, dessert, or ingredients for homemade drinks-is a great way to help everyone feel connected and truly be part of the experience, even if you’re far away. You can add personalized questions to our event payment system to help you gather useful information about guests, such as an address to which you want to send certain items or food requirements if you want to send something edible.

3. If you are a big team, use chat rooms to create more conversations

Meeting rooms are a great idea for a Christmas party in the virtual office for large online gatherings. These additional spaces make the event less overwhelming by giving people the opportunity to have meaningful conversations and connect with each other. Another advantage is that by rotating through different rooms, customers have the opportunity to mix with everyone. Consider creating specially themed chat rooms – for people to share what they are preparing for the holidays, or for activities and games– by using our Zoom integration to easily manage multiple rooms.

4. Encourage a festive dress code

The celebration of preparing for a party can create more anticipation and excitement for the event itself, and it gives everyone a fun excuse to give up their sportswear and get dressed. You could even organize a contest for the best Christmas costume. A great idea for a virtual Christmas party is to spend time decorating your background. Sit in a very bright place and add a festive decor to stage the event so that the event looks more like a fun Christmas experience than the usual work setup.

5. Your Christmas party ideas in the virtual office don’t have to be perfect

You’ve probably experienced a lot of unexpected and unusual moments this year as a result of recent times, so it’s likely that your end-of-year celebration will be a little different than in the past-especially if you’re hosting your first virtual Christmas party.

It is quite natural if there are background sounds of family, roommates or pets, and it does not matter if the children continue to jump into the frame. Embrace these things – they are everyone’s reality. If you are worried that people will forget to attend the event because it is a virtual event, our online event platform automatically compiles three reminder emails that come out 48 hours, two hours and ten minutes before an event. Each reminder email includes instructions on how to access the virtual event, and you can also customize the copy, time, sender’s name, and subject line.

Christmas party ideas in the virtual office

1. Play virtual Christmas party games

Playing games creates an additional level of interactivity and connection for your participants. There are great games that work for virtual events – from “name that song” to Pictionary or bingo – and adding a game to the event can be a great way to create joy and silly. Exciting virtual office party ideas from our creators include a digital Christmas themed escape room and a quiz night to test your teams’ festive knowledge.

2. Try the virtual Secret Santa Claus

Your ideas for the Christmas party for the office do not have to be complicated: nothing says Christmas like a gift exchange or a secret Santa Claus round. If you ask your team to sign up for your virtual Christmas party, use our personalized question feature to give participants the opportunity to participate in gifts or not. You can also collect wish lists of individual gifts so that participants have a guide when buying a gift for their secret Santa Claus. Remember to set a budget and a date on which gifts should be sent by mail; remember that you may also have to compensate gift donors with postage. Create a separate chat room for the participants and increase the fun by guessing who your gift comes from before unpacking.

3. Shine in the spotlight of your team

If your budget is tight and you need ideas for Christmas parties in the virtual office that do not cost anything to organize, offer your colleagues the opportunity to share their talents as interpreters. Ask if one of your team members is a member of a group. Maybe you can sing or play a musical instrument? If this is the matter, you can ask them to create a jam session. Some of the popular ideas for an office Christmas party from 2020 that you might want to try include asking someone to perform a magic show, presenting a stand-up comedy routine, or riding a dance number. You can even organize a virtual karaoke session and use our event messaging feature to ask your potential attendees for specific songs in advance.

Ready to create your Christmas party in the virtual office?

When you have your Christmas party ideas ready in the virtual office, you need an all-in-one virtual event platform to manage your big event. We can help you simplify the planning and organization of your virtual Christmas party by connecting with the best video providers in your category and sending automatic event reminders to your guests so that no one forgets or misses. Then you can fully concentrate on organizing an animated and special virtual desktop Christmas party.

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