Tyler Cross Part Two Gallery Oakland

PT.2 gallery is pleased to present “what part of the whale”, Tyler Cross ” first solo exhibition, to be presented. The Exhibition consists of four large Paintings in the form of Panels, four small Diptychs and five bronze wall sculptures. The realization of this Work can be a Walkadaver bring back the, from the in 2019, on the Beach of Point Reyes National Seashore alluvial was. Tyler visited the Corpse every few Months, over a two-year period.

The four small Diptychen two 8 x 11 Rooms, despite its Size, extensive and herausgezoomtes Experience. These paradoxes Images seem to us large Scenes to show, maybe Landscapes or something Colossal, very far away and in low Resolution. You will feel like at Polaroids, a rare Event to capture it, but never really discourages us to know what.

Bronze wall sculptures, in Your Hand flattened, can match, were made from Cast Plywood. These wooden molds were previously used as Painting Tools, as a rule, as Stencils or Stamps. Using these Tools, remove and praise Bronze, they act as Artifacts of the painting process. They give the Impression of Sarcophagi for an old Language, which is no longer spoken.

The four large Paintings are made up in the form of Canvas which unstretched on a wooden plate of the same Silhouette nailed are. The sharp, external Form, resonates in itself reflects and reveals a Holzkohlestruktur, to X-rays reminds. The gehäuteten and mounted on Screens reveal the Hypnogogy of a Painter who, springing from the Representation, slides, but always in Abstraction back, they never quite ring the sound of a Bell for you, never ventilate the Veil completely. This gives you, despite the vivid, sometimes almost neonfarbenen Colors slightly threatening Feeling.

The Canvases seem to turn, in rhythm and in the Absence of oscillation. Show you something in the Middle, Sensitivity for Dynamics and the Ability to react. A Process seems to be Underway, which Sigilisierung from Rotting in distorted time frame. The Resistance of Self-Images, explain, awakens the Desire, the Refusal to provide clear Information to give, awakens the Imagination, the Irretrievable evokes the Eros. The slowness of Looking at these Pictures feels like an Antidote to looking at it too many Graphs, Diagrams, a lot of Facts to many Memes. There is no Data, no Speech, just a First-rate Experience, some Kind of Knowledge, which is less and less.

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